Roth IRA

Roth IRA's allow for TAX FREE growth of your contributions and earnings.

They allow for nondeductible (no income tax deduction) after tax contributions.

Tax free treatment of earnings apply when held more than 5 years and used for disability, death, first home purchase, age 59.5 years
old or higher education expenses.

The Roth IRA allows for tax free and penalty free withdrawals of your contributions (not earnings) at any time for any reason.

Income eligibility limitations do apply.

 Why might an independent R.I.A. be a good choice for an investor?

  • Independent RIA’s generally have affiliations with a variety of firms that assist with tax planning, estate planning, money management and more. These affiliations allow them to help their clients with complex financial needs.
  • They generally have affiliations that are free from the conflicts of interest you often see at retail brokers, independent broker dealers, or captive insurance agents.
  • The compensation of some independent registered investment advisors is directly related to growing the assets of their clients, which can benefit the advisor and client alike.


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